Top Celebrity with best eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow trend is gradually coming up in the market. Be it any beauty talks, eyebrows are the talk of the town. Strobing and contouring were ruling the beauty circles for very long but now is the time for the eyebrow. And we all have witnessed how a perfect eyebrow can make difference to your face. Undoubtedly we are also touched by the beauty of this eyebrow trend. And since we all are celebrity stuck, we closely aim for best celebrity eyebrows.

Thus, let’s have a look at some of the top celebrity with best eyebrow shapes:

    1. Deepika Padukone– Deepika Padukone has very Indian looks. Her skin color and even figure is very much like us. But what is that single point which gives a distinct look on her face? If you observe her pictures and looks closely then you will see that her eyebrows are the talking point of her face. She has got one of the most beautiful fully groomed and high arched eyebrows which make an entire difference to her face.
    2. Kim Kardashian– No doubt these are one of the most natural eyebrows the world has ever seen. Fully groomed and shaped eyebrows which look very natural yet far more than achievable for any of us. Even her brow color is also perfect and complements her skin tone beautifully. Her eyebrows are truly envious of girls all around the world.
    3. Rooney Mara– If someone has brought back the bold eyebrow trend then that’s Rooney Mara. Her Golden Globes look has been one of the most talked about the look and her eyebrows were a major talking point of this look. Her oval face with minimal makeup and glowy skin complemented well with her thick natural eyebrows. And even the eyebrow color is perfect which goes well with her dress and skin tone.
    4. Emilia Clark– This Game of Thrones star has been a show stealer at the super hit fictional show too. But at the recent Dior Spring Collection, Emilia Clark took a break from her regular traditional clothing and sported an all suit look. The major attraction of this look was her brows. Her natural, sleek and not so fully groomed eyebrows became a show stealer of her look.
    5. Olivia Munn– This stunning diva is her own brow stylist. Yes, she does her eyebrow on her own. And being a stylist, she is known to not allow anyone to touch her eyebrow. She has a very peculiar but highly effective brow style. She lets the top of her eyebrow grow and is highly opposed to pluck or thread them.
    6. Cara Delevingne– Look at the length of her eyebrow, It is truly fascinating. She has brought an entirely new trend with her eyebrows. Her bushy eyebrow is also a major talking point among the girls. Her sporty eyebrow look has made many women say goodbye to their tweezers and pluckers.

So, the above given are 6 of the best eyebrow shapes which can be a major eyebrow inspiration for all of you.