Who would’ve thought eyebrows would become such an important part of our lives?

With hundreds of brow pencils, brow powders, and brow kits claiming to help us achieve that perfect brow, it can be overwhelming trying to find just the right one!

In addition to the sea of brow products we have to navigate, there are endless Youtube tutorials we are persuaded to watch in hopes of learning how to create that perfect Instagram ombre brow! But let’s face it, who has the time to tame, shape, define, and fill eyebrows to perfection on a daily basis?!

Who would’ve thought eyebrows would become such an important part of our lives?

On those days when you’ve hit the snooze button one, two, or three times too many, the last thing you can fit into that 5-minute makeup face is an intense brow-filling session!

So what is there to do when you don’t have the time, or simply don’t have the interest in spending a ridiculous amount of time on your brows? Go the natural route!

I know, in the makeup world we live in the natural look isn’t necessarily the most popular path to take, but it’s an essential part of cutting your makeup routine in half!

Yes, styles are always changing, and who knows, next year the thin brow could be back in, but as for now, thick brows are all the rage and we’re here to give you some tips on how to get your skinny minnies some much-needed growth!

    1. Castor Oil

Castor oil contains vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and a very high penetrative power, which help the oil act deep from within the skin and facilitate hair growth.


      •       Start by soaking a cotton swab in pure castor oil and apply gently on both eyebrows.
      •       Massage soothingly with your fingertips for about two to three minutes.
      •       Let your eyebrows rest for at least thirty minutes or overnight.
      •       Repeat the same process until you achieve your desired hair growth.

“Tip: Stop using Castor oil, if you feel itching or see redness on the skin!”

  1. Coconut Oil

Everybody and their moms might already be using coconut oil for a number of things, but did you know you can also use it on your brows? It contains proteins and nutrients like Vitamin E and iron to promote healthy, thick, and darker brows!


  •       Warm some coconut oil and put a few drops on your fingertips.
  •       Now, apply it on your brows and massage tenderly to boost the blood circulation.
  •       Leave the oil on brows overnight and rinse next morning with warm water.
  •       Doing this daily will help you in seeing changes in the thickness of the brows.
  1. Onion juice

Sulfur present in onions perk up the creation of collagen tissues needed for proper eyebrow growth.

  •       Grind some onions and extract its juice
  •       Massage juice into the brows for good five minutes
  •       Let it dry and then rinse it off with a mild cleanser and cold water.
  •       You can repeat the process daily for the best results.
  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, which helps hair grows faster and thicker.

  •       Massage brows with warm olive oil for about five minutes before going to bed.
  •       Leave the oil on brows overnight and rinse it off the next morning.
  •       Follow the process daily for the best results.
  1. Egg Yolk

Eyebrow hair is made of keratin protein. And, egg yolk is a great source of protein. So, if you want to grow your hair thick, apply egg yolk to your brows daily.

  •       Break egg and separate the yolk from the white part
  •       Now, beat the yolk until you see a creamy thick consistency
  •       Apply it on brows with a cotton swab
  •       Leave it on for fifteen minutes and then wash away with cold water

And there you have it! Say good-bye to the eyebrow struggle and get ready to finally show off your “I woke up like this” look without having to fake those beautiful “natural brows” any longer!

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