Eyebrows have been the center of beauty game for many years. Some years back also you might have seen that full eyebrows were in fashion. And that’s the difference you might have witnessed between the women of today and yesteryear. Eyebrows add a distinct look to your face, which can make or break your face. Thus, it is very important to groom your eyebrows in a correct way. As we all have got different face shapes, the eyebrow shapes also differ widely. It’s of utmost importance that the eyebrow shape must be according to your face cut.

Let’s have a look at what different eyebrow shapes suit your face shape –

  1. Round Facecut – One of the most common face cut where Face is quite wide and the widest part is at its cheeks. That’s why a full eyebrow looks best on the rounded face. Make sure that the eyebrow is arched and has pointed ends. This will add an angle to your face and add some lifting appearance.
  2. Square Facecut – In the case of the square face, the width of the entire face is almost the same. This is more of an angular face and the jawline is quite evident and very well defined in this face cut. A fuller eyebrow, which is of dark color and has a peak at the center is the best eyebrow for this face shape.
  3. Oval Facecut – In this face cut, the forehead part is wider than the chin area and the cheekbones are quite prominent. Also, the face ends into an oval. This is an ideal face shape and almost all the eyebrows look great on this face. A soft eyebrow with curves at the end looks best on this face shape.
  4. Heart Shaped Facecut – This is very similar to the oval shaped face but here the chin ends with a more pointed look. This is also known as a sweetheart face where the brows must be curved and neatly kept. Not too much of pointedness looks good on this face shape.
  5. Long Facecut – This is a long face structure where the forehead, chin, and cheekbones all are quite long. Here bold or full brows look the best with minimal curvier details. Try to go for a horizontal line for longer face shape.
  6. Diamond Face – Here the cheekbones are outwards as compared to the entire face. The cheekbones are quite prominent in this face shape. Thus, the eyebrow shape, which looks best on this face, is a full eyebrow with curvier detailing.

Concluding it all

So, the above given were some of the most basic face shapes and which eyebrow looks best on them. But you must remember that eyebrows also need to be maintained in a proper way. Regular threading is not at all desirable to get the best out of your eyebrows. You must give a time of at least 1 month to your eyebrows so that they grow completely. Also, make sure that regular oil application is a must to get the best out of your eyebrows.