Best Brow Color As Per Your Hair Color

Brow coloring has emerged as one of the most interesting eyebrow trends of today. Fashionistas and beauty circles have started talking about the brow color and how to match it with your hair color. Brow colors are considered as an extension to your hair. And thus as you take care of your hair, similarly you also need to take care of your brows too. And thus the recent trend is to look for the correct combination of your brow color and hair color.

Let’s have a look at what is the perfect combination of your brow color and hair color –

  1. Blonde– Blonde is the lightest hair color and thus when you are looking for a brow color for blonde hair type, and then you need to be extra cautious. Your brow hair should be darker when compared to your natural hair color. This will not add some warmth to your face but also frame your face accordingly. Darker brow color will also add to your eye color at the same time.
  2. Redhead– You might wonder that will beauties with red hair will have a red brow color? Certainly not. You must understand that what we are aiming at not matching your hair color with brow color but rather complimenting both of them. Redhead girls are also further subdivided into two categories – Cooler and warmer. Cooler redhead girls must aim for darker and rich colored brows. Whereas warmer redhead girls can go for darker brow color with a hint of copper in it. This will look perfectly aligned with their hair color.
  3. Black Haired– This is the simplest hair color and you can simply go with black brow color. But make sure that your brows are not darker than your normal hair color. The intensity of both the blacks must be same or at least you can go with a lighter black for your brows when compared to your natural hair color. But brow color with normal copper hint will also work equally well with black hair type.
  4. Brunette– This is also perfect for those who are aiming for a darker brow color. Darker brows go best with brunette hair type.  Also, normally your brow hair color is darker than your normal hair color. Thus, if you go with one to two shades darker for your brunette hair color then your brow color will look equally ravishing.


Above given are four of the very basic hair color and brow color combinations. This will look great when done on your skin.

What you must avoid is bleaching your brow hair regularly. Bleaching your brow hair makes it look quite unrealistic and artificial at the same time. Thus, it is best not to go for brow bleaching. Even if you want to experiment with your brow colour then try to keep it minimum and only limited to special occasions. This will keep your brow hair healthy and avoid any fallout issues.